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[ this will be prettied up later. ]
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[ After landing, many of the shops and businesses housed on Frontier had migrated onto the surface, in a hodgepodge sort of sprawl that ensured the ship's main disc wouldn't be able to be moved for centuries. It's remarkable what humans can do in a short amount of time, given the motivation, and as Sheryl sat by the fountain in the main plaza of the ship proper, she could see brick walkways and proper paved roads stretching from the dome under the night air. Maybe they'd take a walk after dinner, she mused, entertaining herself by imagining Steve's expression at it all. The restaurant she was thinking of had gotten through the battles undamaged, though, so she'd let him know to meet her here, in a part of the city more reminiscent of San Francisco than others. ]
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[ When Sheryl is trying to get her feelings out, it usually happens in the form of songwriting. Right now she's curled up on the couch with a notebook. This is normal.

What isn't quite as normal is the fact that anyone trying to walk through the living room would find themselves ankle-deep in crumpled up balls of paper, blacked out with ink, torn to shreds, and in one case, half-burnt. There are some serious feelings happening here. Approach if you dare. ]
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With one thing and another, I've been too busy to update. So here we go!

First off, no matter what certain unnecessarily purple people might have to say, I don't regret a thing. Sheryl Nome never regrets expressing her feelings. Even if it turned out to be unneeded, I won't take it back!

I had a post in mind to explain the situation, but more important matters have shoved that right off the table. Namely, how in the galaxy do you treat a sunburn!? The natural sun here is strong! Too strong! My normal sunscreen can't handle it, and I'm peeling all over!
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Sayonara, sayonara, repeating my goodbyes
So many times, so many times, wiping at my eyes
I'm kind enough to wave farewell and smile without you
I want your strength to live in me

It's not very much longer until I go out to sing against the Vajra.

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vingt deux

Apr. 28th, 2011 08:18 pm
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Isn't it just infuriating when people use big, important words to tell you what you already know, rather than get to the point?

There's going to be a government press conference tonight, but no one ever asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement. And it doesn't matter, in any case; no one here would be able to do anything with the knowledge.

It seems we'll be attacking the Vajra home planet, now that they've found a weapon.
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There's going to be a download link at the end of this post, and you're going to click it! The word of Sheryl Nome should be enough, but if you need reasons...

Reason one! It's a single of mine, so how could you not click?

Reason two! Elmo and I worked a week straight to round up everyone we needed and record, and I do mean a week straight! I slept in the studio! We're printing hard copies on demand but the important thing was to make it online and available for purchase as soon as possible, because...

Reason three, and the most important reason. All profits... no, all revenue is going straight to the relief efforts. The Vajra destroyed more than a few buildings, and people are working around the clock to stabilize the environmental balance. I funded production out of my own pocket, so the least everyone could do is pay a dollar or two for a few songs.

This link will take you to the purchase page. I don't know the first thing about currency conversion, so I'll trust that the community will handle it! For $2.50 or your equivalent you get the Northern Cross single and Yousei as a B-side, plus instrumentals. So there's nothing left to do but buy it!

Especially since I told you to. ♥
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[ Sheryl is sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, holding a mug of tea. Sigurd, a swan, is nestled next to her in his own nest of pillows, neck draped over her knees. The television seems to be on somewhere in the background, but neither of them are paying attention ]

...I wish you wouldn't go.

[ he cocks his head, fixing her with one eye ] I've always been here, and I'll always be here.

Mm. It's not the same, is it?

It's not. [ he lifts up his head, nudging her cheek gently ] But you'll be all right. I should know.

[ The tender moment is broken when Sheryl seems to catch sight of whatever's broadcasting. Seeing the blinking light on top of the television's webcam, she lets out an embarrassed-sounding yelp, before throwing her entire mug of tea at it, shutting down the feed ]
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[ She was losing control. She could feel herself losing it, that was the worst part, to know what was happening. That tight control she always had over herself-- not in the sense that she held back or hid things any more than a girl hides things, but in the sense that she always had a firm handle on who she was, where she was going, and how she was getting there-- that control had started crumbling in the taxi. She felt like she'd left pieces of it all over the library, overhearing what she had. As long as they didn't tell anyone, it would be fine. It would all be fine.

But she didn't feel fine, and she didn't feel like it would be fine. It was only half the illness; she felt that familiar lightheadedness and chills that came and went but always came again. But it was the desperation and hurt that kept her wandering the streets; desperation for what, she didn't know. (What the hurt was about, she knew all too well; Grace's words kept ringing in her ears.)

She'd never noticed her face on every screen. It had been part of the background, the general wallpaper of the world. But now everything was green and orange, and she didn't resent Ranka her success except she did, and she hated herself for it.

"Please come to my revenge live! This time, it's definitely happening!"

Sheryl didn't even have the self-possession to pull herself up onto the curb; she sank down to her knees on the street, too feverish and out of it now to even know if she was sobbing, or if she was just hallucinating in the rain. ]


Feb. 7th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Honestly. I sneak out for half a day and get lectured? Who do they think I am?
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[ she's filming on her phone, sat in front of a Christmas tree. She's wearing a tank top with a light sweater over it, so if you haven't been there before, there's no way to tell she's in the lobby of the hospital rather than some swanky hotel or somewhere else more appropriate ]

Merry Christmas, everyone! And of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas album, right~?

[ she holds the relevant album up; she's on the cover, wearing a seasonally appropriate and yet fairly revealing Santa dress ]

And no free samples of this one, either! Most of the profits are going to charity-- it is Christmas, after all. And you off-worlders have no excuse, I'm posting an iTunes link with this. So hurry up and start buying!

[ she ends the video with a blown kiss and a cheerful wave ]


Dec. 13th, 2010 07:54 pm
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Ranka-chan~ Since they let you out already, I want you to take care of Bomber for me! Grace is feeding him, of course, but she's out all the time he must be getting lonely!

In any case, hospitals are bo~ring. I'm so tired of reading magazines, but that's all Grace ever brings me! Someone entertain me~
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[ the audio fades in and out as she passes her phone from hand to hand; she's suiting up to get in the plane with Michel ]

This is Sheryl Nome! Everyone's going to be okay, got it!? I'm feeling fine now and Alto's gone after Ranka-chan, so don't you dare count us out yet!

[ yes, that was all she wanted to say. The phone turns off as the engine starts ]
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[ Sheryl has her journal set up to live stream any news broadcasts, talk shows, or concerts featuring yours truly, so this broadcast seems like nothing out of the ordinary at first. Sheryl, in her pink travel dress, steps out of a plane, smiling and waving as Grace, her manager, exits behind her. The news bar at the bottom reads "SHERYL NOME RELIEF CONCERT ON GALLIA-4!!!!"

And then she puts a hand to her head, and stumbles. And falls into the banister of the staircase, and tumbles down, coming to a stop five or six steps below.

And twenty or thirty seconds later, the Zentradi giants behind her start yelling and firing their guns at each other, and the news flips back over to the panicked studio reporters before cutting out ]
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[ As silly as it was, Sheryl was feeling pretty cheery from that secret. She waited for Kamina by the front of her hotel, hoping that he'd actually wear appropriate clothing (i.e. a shirt) as she tapped her foot, humming to herself. This was a songwriting sort of mood. She was wearing her usual getup of aviators and a floppy hat; the sun had mostly set by now, but she liked being able to go around unrecognized. ]
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[ The camera angle is wide enough to catch both Sheryl, standing on the porch next to a boy with a long ponytail, and Ranka, sitting by the shore, talking to a rather fabulous black man with an afro. It's sunset, and Ranka looks down, but she's speaking too quietly to be heard.

Sheryl and the boy are both watching her; he says something, and then, without warning, she kisses him. Ranka, having turned around at just the right moment, looks shocked; the boy freezes as Sheryl pulls away. Then she dances away a few steps more, bursting into giggles. ]

What? You said it yourself, didn't you? It's just a kiss! Don't make that serious face!

[ As she starts to run off the porch, laughing, Ranka walks off down the dock and says something to a bearded man with a substantial entourage; he grabs her hand and pumps it up and down.

A male voice, close by: ]

Hmm? Guess she took it, huh? --What do you mean the light's on, I didn't press-- ahh, must have hit record by accident.

[ Apparently this was being recorded by one of the film crew's cameras; some fumbling noises, and the feed ends ]


Sep. 15th, 2010 06:08 pm
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What a change of pace that was! In fact, it's given me an idea~ Two ideas, actually.

The first is a secret!

But the second is to wear more red and gold. ♥ Go Gryffindor! It's very flattering, don't you think?

Oh, and for anyone who overheard that little spat, put it out of your minds. Kamina never had the red ones.

(( she is making this entry en route to Mihoshi to crash the party :> ))